Episode 258: Pumpkin Everything Part Trois

Kay can't stop playing Pokemon Go. Kay describes the demise of their previous website URL: dkradioshow.com (it no longer works! THANKS GOOGLE) and the purchase of NEW URL, dkpodcast.com!

Dereck and Kay recap their vacations. Dereck and Kay try taste Campari for the SECOND time and it still tastes bad. Whatever happened to Bugaboo Creek?

Kay does the Hot Topics, lead by the things of the Month for September. The Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte has its own Twitter Account.

Dereck does the Weird News! A guy throws hundreds of eggs at a house, millions of bees escape from a truck in Kansas City, people are feeding geese and now they are attacking people in West Virginia.

#starbucks #pumpkinspice #fall #bugaboocreek #september

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